Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Oh yeah. I'd totally do it.

Home today. 2nd day with my poor little body full of hives from who knows WHAT allergy. A trip to the Urgent Care because of breathing issues, steroid cocktail shot and still I look like some alien with bumpy skin. Not to mention the calamine lotion that makes me look pasty.

Yowza. I. Look. Great.

Guilty pleasures while itching myself to an early death.....


Dr. Pepper.


Wait. What???

Yep. Young or old. I'll take him in any one of these fantasies!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I need more caffeine

Worship was SO great this morning. And then?????

Ever known someone whose voice simply lulls you to sleep? You are sitting there listening to that smooth as chocolate voice and suddenly you are dozing away.....hopefully not snoring.

He is a wonderful pastor. Such a tender heart and loves the Lord, a smiling, happy, smooth voiced man. Whose voice, unfortunately for me, lulls me to sleep each Sunday.

Know what I do for fun? I LISTEN to sermons by various preachers when I am in the house. Or in the truck for that matter. Where ever I am, I usually have that computer trained in to Charles Stanley, Dr. David Jeremiah, Kay Arthur, Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, Jon Courson, David McGee, David Hocking......I listen to them all when I am cleaning, sewing, gardening..... whatever I am doing!

I need to suck up the caffeine before I go to church..... I hope I didn't snore..... I hope I am not sleeping in church when the Rapture happens.....

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Getting away with something WONDERFUL!

Such a beautiful Sunday!

I hope your Mother's Day Sunday has been as blessed as mine has been!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Just my luck...

A loooong time ago, I found a blog background that was just PERFECT. It had little girls in skirts and cowboy boots!

I am UNapologetically digitally scrapbookily challenged. Give me fabric and I can do whatever you want. Give me food ingredients and I can make you a meal that will make your mouth water. Give me an abused horse and I will give you a pocket-pony.

Give me a project of a blog background and you are in BIG trouble because I can't do diddly squat with it. And I am okay with that. Because God made people who can do that who LOVE to share their talent and I make great use of their lovely creativity.

So imagine my surprise when the blog background that I had gotten from simply disappeared from my blog. And of course, no matter how I try to get there, the site is unavailable, the facebook page message thingy is never answered. And I LOVED my blog background from them! It had little girls in cowboy boots! It was me! Totally me!

Alas! I had to go searching again. And I found a lovely blog background at The Cutest Blog on The Block. No little girls in cowgirl boots. But lovely roses on a barn background. Totally appropriate since I will soon start to put up a new shed row barn in these exact colors.

Pray for me.
I am praying for you.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Think Romantical Thoughts"....Mike Wazowski

I love that movie. Monsters Inc, that is. They need to make more movies like that.

Good. Clean. Wholesome. Happy endings.

It has been some time since I have had time to write. Life moves so quickly these days and yet at times it seems to drag. I decided to write today for 2 reasons.

Today I witnessed "The MAJOR Drag".
Today I watched a most wonderful movie. (And NOT Monsters Inc.!)

So after church I changed, picked up my Buddy dog and headed for the feed store. And that is where I witnessed "The Major Drag".

Paying for my hay and layer crumbles, I then headed out to get loaded up in the hay yard and there were already 2 vehicles in front of me. That poor guy that was bucking hay had his hands full. As he was loading up the truck and trailer farthest from me, I had the UNpleasure of seeing and hearing what was going on at the other truck and trailer. And?

If looks could kill, that man would have been dead and he KNEW it once he looked at my face.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER thought I would be one who would stop believing in the magic and power of love, but let me tell you. My ex-husband killed that hope and magic in me and this guy just confirmed what I already reconciled myself to.

He is lucky I did not fly out of my truck and take him down. HOW DARE HE! If you take a person to spouse, you do NOT talk to them as though they were a dog. Holy snot. I don't even talk to my DOGS like that! Furthermore, why are YOU, the MAN, standing by the side of the trailer and watching, while your WIFE stacks the hay? And then you have the audacity to tell her she's doing it wrong? And make motions that you are going to slap her???

I pointed at him and said to my Buddy dog, quite clearly and loudly, I might add;

"And THAT is exactly why I choose NOT TO BE MARRIED."

He obviously heard me and looked up. And? He didn't even have the grace to blush. He just started yelling louder, as though that made what he was doing right. The man was a pig. Actually, scratch that. I don't want to insult pigs.

The little guy that was bucking hay came up to the window of my truck and told me he needed to finish loading this truck and trailer and get that guy out of here. I heartily concurred. Please. Get that creep out of here and do it quickly. Men like that need to get equal to what they are handing out.

Why is it people who are supposed to love you, feel they have the "RIGHT" to treat you like crap? Where is that written? Is it some sort of rule men learn in Man Class??? In all the years my parents were married, I NEVER heard my Daddy and my Ma talk like that to each other. Marriage is sacred, my Daddy always said, and women should be treated with respect and honor.

Good thing I was not that woman, because that man would have had a mouthful of my boot. She was in the perfect position to do so, but she never answered back. Just went on with what she was doing. By the time they were finally loaded and gone, the steam had stopped flowing out of my ears.

1 Peter 3:4 aside, while I held her in respect for not reacting in public to his treatment of her, after what I witnessed, I again reaffirmed that I will forever remain by myself. I think my Buddy dog and I do just fine together.

But this afternoon I turned on Hulu, (which is the only television I choose to have), and watched the most charming movie. Linda Hamilton in a 2006 movie called, "Home by Christmas". What started out as typical "Leave your wife for a younger woman" movie, turned out to be a "Testament to the resiliency, fortitude and creativity of a woman who was left for a younger and immoral bimbo" movie. They need to make more movies like this.

Good. Clean. Wholesome. Happy endings.
I loved it.

As strange as it may seem, this simple, predictable and silly movie, made me feel all the magic and hope that a relationship can bring to ones life. And how a man can either empower his woman or destroy her spirit, just as I witnessed in the Feed Store this day. I wonder why some men get it and others don't. It is the difference between  70 year marriages and a divorce before your 10th anniversary.

Marriage is hard work. It only takes one NOT working at it, to make it fail. I wonder if that guy will ever figure it out.

All I know is that if I am ever blessed enough to have another relationship, I would work for that magic. But at my age, meeting a nice guy holds the same odds as me being held as a bank hostage.

Think romantical thoughts y'all.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A late Christmas post


It is already half way into January and I haven't even posted any Christmas pictures! That trip to Disneyland really threw me off this year! Next year we are planning our trip to be the week after Thanksgiving, so I will be able to put my tree up the Saturday after the holiday because I will, again, be working the day OF Thanksgiving and the day AFTER Thanksgiving. There were a lot of single people who worked for holidays for me so that, as a single mom, I could spend them with my kiddos. I am eternally grateful for that! Time to pay it forward!

Anyways, things got out of hand. Been doing some traveling, a LOT of Bible study and of course, the everlasting scourge of work. (Which I totally love!)

So enjoy the photos of this years tree, if you will. I hope that your Christmas was a blessing to you and your family, one filled with the hope that Jesus brought to us.

A very late, but Merry Christmas to y'all!

Christmas 2017. For myself and my sweet, old Labrador, Scarlett, it was our first Christmas without our precious Rhett. We miss him so! But a friend contacted me with a very special present. "Not that this will ever replace him, but we want you to have this to remember him by".
Meet Miss Elizabeth Bennett.......(Lizzy as we are calling her!)
I know Rhett would approve. Scarlett? Well not so much....

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The After Thanksgiving Blues................I think NOT!

I follow a few cooking blogs. I truly enjoy them and learn a LOT. I enjoy trying out new recipes and changing them to suit my tastes.

It is a good thing I like turkey because these days after Thanksgiving, it seems that everyone is posting new recipes on how to use left over turkey. Turkey this and turkey that.......

Are you kidding me???

I am still harvesting zucchini from my garden! I mean, really! Let's talk about THAT.

Yes. The weather is really weird these days here and I finally pulled up the plants and tossed them in the compost pile. I am hoping they don't take root there, because I have cooked zucchini, frozen zucchini, made zucchini bread, zucchini brownies, zucchini stir fry, added zucchini to my spaghetti sauce and any number of other things until I feel like it is coming out of my ears!

I only planted a few zucchini because we ALL know what happens. You become a pest because you are giving it away and your neighbors start to avoid you. No one at work wants any more of your zucchini and you are STUCK with it. You freeze and can so much zucchini that you begin to dream of a huge zucchini chasing you down the street and you wake up in a cold sweat, terrorized and thankful you never got to the end of that nightmare.........

So today, I decided with the last of the zucchini I would make yet another zucchini dish to freeze so that I can have something quick to nuke in the microwave when I get home too late to cook. (Which is usually every day I work.). So here it goes you guys, yet another zucchini recipe for you to store in your files when you have too much zucchini and don't know what to do with it!

Cowgirl Cates Bacon Zucchini Cheese Pie

Start off by frying up a mess of bacon bits. I use kitchen scissors to cut the bacon as I put it in the pan. It's easier than trying to cut it with a knife like all those fancy chefs on television....Drain it well and set aside.

Remember! All of these ingredients and the amount of them can be changed to whatever you like best and I like bacon best, so I use about a pound of it when I am making a batch of pies to freeze.

In this particular batch I am going to use fresh mushrooms, the last of the tomatoes from the garden, sweet white onion and lots and lots of cheese! I am going to add as much zucchini as I can so I can get rid of the dang stuff.
Chop all of the ingredients up and shred that cheese. (I cheat. I use pre-shredded cheese because it is easier). You cannot use too much cheese. Honest. I used 2 packages for this batch and it was great!Mix all of the ingredients, including the bacon into a large bowl. It should look something like the above pic. I usually add a little crushed basil in the mix, just to jazz it up!
Next you are going to mix some batter for your pie. So you will need 2 cups of flour, 3/4 cups of milk, 2 eggs and 1 TBS of baking powder. Add a dash of salt, a pinch of sugar and whisk all of this together. If it is too thick, add milk and if it is too thin add some flour. It should be the consistency of a loose cake batter.
Now gather whatever pan you want to bake this pie in. You can use just about anything but I love these little baking pans I got at our local 99Cent Only store. They were only 99 cents and they are the perfect size for one person. I love them! I use pretty pie pans if I am serving this for company.
Load your mixture in the pan. Fill it pretty full. I do mine almost to the top.
Now pour your batter over the top of the mixture. Make it cover the entire pan of yummy zucchini/bacon/cheese mixture!
Pop this little baby into a 350 degree oven that has been preheated and bake until you can put a toothpick in the middle and it comes out clean . The top should be nice and golden. The time will vary with the size of pan and the amounts you are baking, but usually about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes should do it.
You should come out with something resembling this.........
I did two pans today and then I cut them into squares and froze them. They are wonderful lunch pies to take to work, or like I said, if I am too rushed to cook dinner, I can always pop one into the microwave and it is an easy-peasy supper.
I simply love cooking with good veggies from the garden!

I shall be eating this for the next month I am sure.........
So I hope this helps you when you too, have too much zucchini and not enough neighbors to share with. But be forewarned. This particular recipe is delicious and addicting. My fav way to use that everlasting zucchini!